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Sewage Backup Services

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The sanitary sewer system collects the wastewater from your home through a pipe called a “lateral sanitary sewer”. This pipe carries used water from toilets, washers, dishwashers, showers and sinks to the main sewer, which sends wastewater from homes and businesses to the wastewater treatment plant. For more Sewer System Backups, contact professionals!

The foundation drain, on the other hand, collects groundwater around the foundation of your home, and is usually connected to the storm sewer through a side pipe. Hence, in some older homes, these drains, if any, are connected to the sanitary or combined sewer through a lateral sanitary sewer.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Hence, that’s why 24Hr Emergency Service works in the time window of 30 min maximum of 1 hour. In any time schedule to fix your plumbing issues if the circumstances permit.

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You can prevent basement flooding by making a few changes around your home. For example, you could seal your window boxes and cracks in floors, walls and foundations. Likewise, create a downward slope from your foundation so that rainwater runs away from your home. Or, maybe, route the downspouts away from the gutters of the foundation of the house (at least 1.2 meters) or connect them to rain barrels.
Disconnect the downspout from the sewer system or foundation drain. Furthermore, we also collaborate with Emergency Services 24 Hour!

Causes of backups and floods

Side sewer obstruction

In fact, if your home’s side sewer becomes blocked, sewage from inside your home could back up into your basement. So, the obstruction may be attributable to:

  • accumulation of grease, paper, household waste or other objects
  • the presence of tree roots (private or belonging to the City)
  • collapse, misalignment or other structural defects of the lateral sewer
Sewer overload

So, if the main sewer, which is usually located below the street, is blocked or damaged, sewage could enter your home. Hence, due to rising water levels or overloading the municipal sewer system.

  • Collapse or other structural failures
  • obstruction by garbage or debris
  • heavy rains or runoff from snow melt water in spring
  • construction work in the area
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