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Fix a leaky pipe!

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Do leaks, holes in drain pipes mean you need to replace them with new ones? So, are there any alternative solutions that do not require renovation? Are the leaking pipes clear, and should you replace the entire gutter system?

The water drainage system is individually for the building, depending on the type of roof in it. Furthermore, it consists of gutters, downspouts, drains, connectors, plugs and hooks. Often, replacing the down pipes requires replacing the entire system. It is, therefore, worth taking care of the gutters and downspouts by cleaning them regularly.

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Pipe leakage does not have to be connected with the necessity to replace it. If the damage is minor, the spot renovation method can be used. A layer of extremely durable coating is applied to the cleaned and dried pipe section, which forms the so-called pipe in pipe. This covers the leaky part. This layer is so thin that it does not create sills. In addition, it is slippery, which makes it easier for rainwater to run off it and prevents dirt from sticking to it.


What if the entire down pipe is in bad condition?

If there is a leaky down pipe with more than one leak, it is worth revitalizing it completely. It consists in applying a polymer mass inside the pipe, which creates a new, coherent, slippery surface. The works are performed from the roof, and due to the fact that the material dries in a short time, it takes only several dozen minutes. The spray method of pipe renovation saves double time – we do not have to look for a down pipe that fits the plumbing system, and the renovation works are shorter than in the case of disassembling and installing a new pipe.

What if we have an internal rainwater drainage system?

For down pipes running inside buildings, renovation by spraying seems ideal. It allows us to save time. It turns out that revitalizing an existing rainwater drainage system is better than carving out the old one and installing a new one. An additional advantage is the non-invasive spraying method – it does not require hammering walls, conducting renovation, and does not create noise.

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