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Slab Leak Detection and Repair

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With visible leaks, it is usually easy, because the leaking water escapes to the surface. For example, the ground, floor, etc. Despite the fact that the leaking water penetrates the ground, information about the leakage can reach the water company in a longer or shorter time. In practice, there are cases where, even after a very large leak, information from the residents reaches the water emergency after several days or the leak water flows into a stream, and visually it is more difficult in Leak Detection.

Concealed leaks are those that have no external signs and the water of the leak does not reach the surface. Leakage water failure to reach the surface is usually caused by one of two factors: the water filters into the soil or penetrates nearby communications. The filtration capacity of different soils is very different and, therefore, there is no clear rule between the size of the leak and the time it reaches the surface.

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Leakage reaching sewers for example, the following situation may occur: if a broken water pipe is very close to an old ceramic sewer pipe, leakage may result in approximately the same pressure outside the sewer pipe as the water pipe.

24 Hr Plumbing Leak Detection

Leaking System

The only identifiable feature of a leak is the water flow rate, which can vary greatly. It is possible to assume and estimate the presence of a leak in the system according to the flow rate, but so far there are no workable solutions to determine the exact location of the leak based on this parameter.

Water Leaks

Another relatively definite parameter for the existence of a leak is the sound or noise generated by the leak. Cases where the leak does not produce a sound are relatively rare. Rather, the “not hearing” of the leak is related to the leak not reaching the checkpoint. However, other sources, such as a partially closed damper, a heat unit or a running pump, can make a noise similar to the sound of a leak.

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