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If frost damage occurs, you can take out home contents or residential building insurance, depending on the case. Therefore, residential building insurance is responsible for damage to the building. This protects the house and all permanently installed objects, including the fitted kitchen, heating system and sanitary installation.

First and foremost, old buildings that are not fully insulated are affected. But even passive house owners or buildings with full thermal insulation are not necessarily protected from frozen pipes. In these cases, it just takes longer. Houses and apartments that are not inhabited for a long period of time during the cold spell are particularly affected.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Thatโ€™s why 24Hr Emergency Service works in the time window of 30 min maximum of 1 hour. In any time schedule to fix your plumbing issues if the circumstances permit.

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The plumbing experts can do plumbing inspection, installations, repairment and improvement.ย  In addition to the reliable plumbing services offered, you can also take advantage of services related to pipe bursting, pipe lining, drain pipe cleaners.


Never let rooms and walls cool down completely:

To protect water pipes, you should always heat your living space minimally. The following applies: at least 15 degrees in uninhabited and 17 degrees in inhabited rooms. Switching the radiator on and off repeatedly consumes more energy than with a constant room temperature. Even if you are absent for a longer period, the following applies: the heating must never be switched off completely, just throttle it.

Ventilate briefly:

Ventilate vigorously several times a day for about five minutes. Especially in winter, cold, dry air comes in and moist, stale air leaves the rooms. When the moisture condensation on the outside of the windows has disappeared, they can be closed again. Hence, the cooler a room is, the more often it needs to be ventilated.

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