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Camera Inspection Systems

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With an inspection camera we can observe the interior of the machines and parts of our facilities. When talking about an inspection camera, we usually refer to an endoscope or a thermal imaging camera, but in both cases it is an ideal tool for maintenance. In addition, the emergency plumbers can identify the problems when it comes to plumbing video camera inspection!

The flexible probe of the endoscopes or the thermal image of possible failures in machines and electrical installations that a thermographic camera shows us, allow us to easily detect problem areas and, in turn, take the necessary preventive measures. The inspection chamber will carry out all these functions without having to disassemble machines or parts of the installation, which would be very expensive just to perform an analysis. The inspection camera is ideal for electricians, security personnel, experts in different sectors, electronics technicians, precision mechanics, car mechanics, etc. In addition, it is also suitable for continuous training.

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In industry and construction, it is capable of fast, efficient and cheaper inspections since it does not require stopping production to disassemble a machine, for example.


Inspection Camera

An articulated inspection chamber offers multiple benefits. Moreover, in industrial applications, often only small cavities can be used to insert the inspection chamber head inside machines. But, when inside, there can be much more space. So, in these cases, the articulation function is of great importance and inspections of internal parts can be carried out easily thanks to the use of a 360ยฐ articulated head of the inspection chamber.

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